Zucchini Zombies by Joyce Oroz

Zucchini Zombies
Never heard of the zucchini zombies? When the lights go out and the world is at rest, grab your flashlight and tippy-toe out to the vegetable garden. Ignore the tomato branches that reach out with sticky leaves, bypass the lettuce full of gluttonous snails, don’t even worry about grape vines that try to trip you as you make your way to the real scoundrel—the zucchini zombie, better known as “the big Z”. The zombie grows leaves the size of Chicago so that you will not see the monster below. If you are very quiet, you might be able to hear the “the big Z” sucking up all our oxygen. Your flashlight might glom onto a cheerful looking blossom here and there or a sweet little baby zucchini squash, all shiny and new. That’s nice, just don’t get blind-sided by the real thing—“the big Z” under Chicago. My advice, pick your ripe zucchinis everyday. Don’t let them grow when you’re not paying attention because it’s really hard to lift that eighty-pound vegetable. Why do we grow zucchini? Because we can—except for Josephine who can’t even grow a decent marigold.

Zucchini Soup--for people who don’t like the taste of zucchini
Cut up and boil one large or two medium size zucchini until slightly tender
Drain all liquid except one cup—let zucchini cool 10 minutes
Pour zucchini and liquid into blender along with 4T butter or olive oil, 1 T Italian seasoning, salt and pepper to taste.
Blend until smooth—it’s that easy


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