Gardening tip from a Joyce Oroz

I'm here to tell you again about Joe Truskot's Central Coast Rose Manual. I have only had time to try a few of his gardening tips, but already I have tomato plants as big as Godzilla and roses like never before. Joe said roses need room (show-offs) so I clipped away at neighboring plants until the rose bushes were happy with their space. Joe said to mix 1/2 cup Epsom Salts with one gallon water and give the bushes a good drink. I went through three boxes of salts and gave everyone, even ordinary flowers and vegetables, a magical dose. He suggested sprinkling alphalfa meal at the base of the plants so that it will be absorbed into the soil as you water. The enzymes in alphalfa help the plant with digestion? Works for me!

Five weeks later my garden is more than I ever expected it to be. Check out Joe's article on my blog for June May 31st. It's worth your time.
The Central Coast Rose Manual can be found on Amazon.


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