A Walk To The River....by Joyce Oroz

I recently walked along the San Lorenzo River with my granddaughter. We kicked off our flip flops and dipped our feet into the cool clear water. After the first cold shock, we sampled the deeper water--all the way up to our knees. Children splashed and played all around us while parents sat on clean sandy beaches, working on their tans. Suddenly my mind flipped back thirty-five years. In those days my children played in the same river, enjoyed the same sandy beaches. But in those days we wore tennis shoes into the water because of the broken glass bottles. Beer cans floated down stream in an accumulation of foam and filth. We could not explore the river very far because around the bend we sometimes happened onto naked hippies and rough parties. Thank goodness for change, awareness and people who care about their environment. We are so lucky to be here, now, in this lovely place.


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