Joyce's newest book...coming this fall

excerpt from new book
David picked me up at nine-thirty in the morning. We settled into the Miata and headed down the road to Sunday brunch at the Green Valley Grill in Watsonville. I had given Inez strict instructions to stay home and when she wasn’t looking, I hid the dish soap in the freezer for safe keeping.
The night before, David had mentioned that I looked pretty frazzled and offered to take me to brunch in the morning. I would have walked on hot coals in my bare feet to go. So I toyed with the idea and finally said, “OK.”
David had put the top down on the car, but I was ready. I wore my ‘Grace Kelly’ long, white scarf and my newest, only worn once, summer dress. It was green to match my eyes with stubborn spaghetti straps that kept falling off my shoulders. Too late, I remembered why I hadn’t worn the dress more than the one time. I had worn it to my cousin Candy’s third wedding and found the straps even more irritating than Candy’s newest husband.


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