Joe Truskot has more to tell Joyce oroz

For all you fans of Joe Truskot, the genious I owe my gorgeous garden to, he has more to say. In his own words......

"I will make a presentation at the Watsonville Public Library on Wednesday, August 24 entitled "Something About Roses" which discusses the relationship between humans and roses over the millenia. It's a closeness similar to our compatibility with dogs but even longer. I use PowerPoint so there are lots of pretty pictures and I will tell people things about roses I'm sure they've never heard before . . ."

"My enthusiasm for roses brought me back to my childhood hobby of collecting vintage postcards. It started with cards with roses on them in 2001 when I got a home computer. There was one artist I kept finding who painted beautiful roses and the investigation began. Her name is Catharina Klein and she is probably one of the most reproduced artists of the 20th century.
I've just finished the following videos on Catharina Klein which you may find interesting. She was a fantastic painter and the world needs to know more about her. Please forward these links to your fellow postcard buyers and friends, or paste them on your website."

Thank you, Joe. We look forward to future announcements.

Catharina Klein Video I: The Birds
Catharina Klein Video II: Fruits and Vegetables
Catharina Klein Video III: Flowers (Part One: A-L)

Catharina Klein Video III: Flowers (Part Two: M-Z)


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