When Sandy reads Secure the Ranch, she especially likes the parts about Solow, and her favorite mishap is…

“Oh, my God, Solow,” I gasped. I hadn’t a clue how he took the crash. I jumped up and raced out the front door. Herbert had the light on in the garage that looked like Hurricane Josephine had hit it. I rounded the truck and opened the passenger door. Solow practically fell out. I helped him to the ground, noticing his whole backside was crimson. I stifled a cry with my hand. Tears welled up as I embraced the best dog-friend a person could have. Down close, hugging him, he smelled like strawberries.

Once I realized Solow was wearing strawberries and a few other food groups, I relaxed considerably. He had polished off a pound of ground round, a pint of “cookies and cream” ice cream and a dozen raw eggs. He had been literally rolling in groceries under the dash.

Every dog’s dream!

Author Joyce Oroz
"Secure the Ranch" - Mystery Novel


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