Guest Post - Minding Your Manners By Rosalinda Randall

Minding Your Manners

By Rosalinda Randall

Introducing Minding Your Manners Etiquette. It's not just for ladies who do tea. Etiquette happens every day.

We typically don't notice it until someone disturbs our space while at the golf course, grocery store or a coffee shop. In a romantic relationship, etiquette can bring back or keep that spark alive. Lack of etiquette can make your first date your last.

So for my first column, I'd like to start by talking about a topic we're all too familiar with: gym etiquette.

A new year brings new gym memberships. It can be a dreaded time for many year-round regulars because it means getting used to sharing their equipment and not lingering at their desired machine—not to mention waiting to sign in because the "newbies" haven't memorized their membership number. An exasperating time for everyone.

Undoubtedly, as a new member you'll have questions. Here are a few tips that can help make this sometimes-disconcerting process easier:

1)Find a friendly face; most people are willing to help.
2)If you think you are ready to work out in a set, look for someone who is close to your training level. It will be less intimidating.
3)Consider hiring a trainer to get you started. It'll shorten your learning curve.
Smile. It will help you look less intimidating to the regulars.
4)Although I recently relinquished my franchise-gym membership, I used to go to Bayhill Gym to work out, and the list of complaints is the same.

Get off your cell phone. Most people agree that a cell phone conversation in public places is garish. Please turn it off. Or if you must take a call, walk away.

Don't use foul language.

Clean up after yourself, to name a few.

Runners-up are: wash-up, apply deodorant, brush your teeth and put on a clean shirt, please.

Many people go to the gym focused on their workout. Please do not attempt to make conversation with them. They can't make it any clearer. You know the ones. They read a magazine, don't make eye contact or they listen to their MP3 player (By the way, not everyone has your discerning taste in music, so please turn it down.).

Wipe off the machine, adhering to the 30-minute cardio courtesy time, which allows others to get in their workout. And keep in mind that some members are on a tight schedule.

These are just a few things we can do to make everyone's gym experience a bit more pleasant.

On a final note, ladies: If you don't like guys drooling over you, consider wearing something a bit less revealing.


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