Choosing a Subject for Your Mural - Muraling Part Three

Murals are not just added fluff. Think of them as practical help for boring or flawed rooms. Your wall painting can actually create an illusion of more space in a small room. You don’t need hammer and nails to do the work. With proper perspective you can expand the walls and create a feeling of roominess. Why not paint some extra indoor space, outdoor space or outer space. (flying saucers included) Let your imagination soar.

Maybe you like the idea of having a mural in a certain room, but you don’t know what the subject of the painting should be. First concentrate on the room. Does the room look cold or bland? Are the architectural features, modern, conventional or traditional? Consider the style of furniture, and how the space is being used. Let the room or wall speak to you and tell you what it needs.

Once you have acquainted yourself with the needs of the room, you are ready to zero in on a subject or theme for your wall. Good places to search for pictures to copy are; magazines, your local library and the internet. Once you know what you want to paint, research the details (close-up pictures). If you wish to paint a field of flowers, for example, you should search the internet and various books and catalogues for detailed pictures of your chosen subject. With paper and pencil, familiarize yourself with the subject by sketching it. Thumbnail sketches at first, and then a large detailed sketch if you feel you need one.

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