Solow's Joyce Oroz

Today, Josephine and her Aunt Clara are traveling to Santa Maria in an empty boxcar. It was an unexpected trip triggered by an angry murderer who saw an opportunity to get the ladies off his trail. It seems the gals were looking for clues in a filthy boxcar when a grumpy old murderer slammed the metal doors together and dropped the long bolt into place.

Josephine’s faithful basset, Solow, didn’t go for a train ride and he likes to eat twice a day no matter what. That’s where I come in. I’m a softy for the dear boy. Naturally I took him in for a few days. I feed Solow and take him for long walks in the hills where he sniffs out every piece of kitty pooh buried in the last week, better known as “dessert.” But I don’t want to damage your image of Solow—he’s still the sweet, lovable old dog with long velvety ears, blood shot eyeballs and a sensitive sniffer. He likes to pull his own weight around the house. He tried gardening but spent most of his time chasing lizards. He wears yellow bunny ears to scare the crows away. Solow is especially talented in the kitchen. He wears a fire hat in case fire breaks out and licks up every food spill. So until Josephine finds her way home, Solow and I are on one long picnic-sleep-over.


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