An interview with Jerry Joyce Oroz

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Gerald Harness, a talented artist and valuable member of the Aromas Hills Artisans. He is an artist who reaches outside his comfort zone, painting new and different subjects, honing his skills as he goes, and sharing his newest projects with the AHA members.

Gerald (Jerry) was the 17th Naval District Artist (Alaska) in the navy. After serving, he spent 40 years in engineering--mostly in aerospace. He says he "stopped dabbling" in art in 1970. After Jerry’s retirement in 1993 he decided to try painting landscapes even though he had always worked in portraiture. In his words he is “still trying to improve my scribbling.” If that’s scribbling, I’m a monkey’s aunt.

So, my friends, if you’re in town on Aromas Day, August 28, be sure to visit the Dragonfly Gallery and see Jerry’s wonderful artwork for yourself.

Stay tuned for more wonderful talent from the Aromas Hills Artisans.


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