A Fascinating Interview with Author Mike Angley

Welcome, Colonel, please tell us about your very impressive background in the military. ...................I don’t know how impressive it was, but I sure know how much fun I had. I served for almost 26 years as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. It’s called OSI for short, and its mission is identical to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or NCIS. I consider myself blessed to have enjoyed the experiences I had..... From running criminal investigations, to conducting counterintelligence operations – especially during the Cold War against Soviet agents, to counterterrorism operations throughout the Middle East and north Africa…it was all a bunch of fun............. One nice thing about the US Air Force is its heavy use of technology, all of which required protection and unique approaches to security. I was privy to some of the most advanced technologies and secrets our government maintains. At times, it was very strange and esoteric. In my last assignment, I commanded the OSI operation in support of Air Force Space Command, and one of my major responsibilities was to conduct counterintelligence operations. Basically, if it entered or exited our atmosphere, it was mine. You can use your imagination on that one. I ain’t talkin’! ...............................................Have you always been a writer at heart? What put you on the path you’re on?.......................... I’ve always LOVED to write, ever since I learned to read. I wrote poetry early on, followed by short stories in high school and college. My high school poetry was more about impressing girls than it was about trying to be a good poet, I must confess! I had always wanted to write novel-length fiction, but that pesky Air Force career stood in front of me and kept me busy. It was not until I retired in 2007 that I pursued that passion. In a way, having had the career I did gave me a rich set of experiences from which to draw to craft my thrillers. Command, and one of my major responsibilities was to conduct counterintelligence operations. Basically, if it entered or exited our atmosphere, it was mine........................... Please tell us about the three book series you have written. How much truth? How much fiction?.............................. A dabble of truth, and a whole lot of fiction … I think sums it up best. The truth lies in how I structured elements of the law enforcement and intelligence communities in my stories. I use real agencies (from the alphabet soup of the Washington, DC Beltway: OSI, FBI, CIA, etc). I worked with them all during my career, so I use that interaction to build genuine types of relationships in my books. There’s a classified program that I crafted for my Child Finder Trilogy (CRYSTAL ROUNDUP) that doesn’t exist for real, but if it did, it would operate the way I lay it out in the books. But I don’t reveal any state secrets in my plots...... My third book, Child Finder: Revelation, has stirred some “consternation” to put it mildly, among some senior Department of Defense people. I run the plot along a sharp edge of reality that has made some folks uncomfortable…I kind of like that! It doesn’t push beyond the boundaries of fiction. I may be the mouse being chased by the cat, and not the other way around............... The final book in the trilogy, Child Finder: Revelation, pulls O’Donnell to North Korea to rescue an Ambassador’s twin daughters. Throughout the preparation for his dangerous journey, he is surrounded by a mystery. There is something very special about these girls that a handful of important people seem to know, and they aren’t sharing it with him. His mentor, the President of the United States, and the Pope are all involved…directly and personally. Rescuing the preteens at any cost is his mandate. Will he come home alive? Will he learn their secrets? If he does, will he regret knowing what he comes to know? This book is set for a release date (tentatively) circa Sep/Oct 2011.. Mike Angley Special Agent (USAF, ret) Colonel (USAF, ret) Award-winning Author of the Child Finder Trilogy www.mikeangley.com..............


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