Muraling Part Four

If you want to paint on a child’s bedroom wall, choose a subject that will not be out-grown in a year or two. Nature scenes last many, many years. How about an ocean with a galleon sailing in the distance or a meadow ringed with trees and forest animals? A garden with Peter Rabbit? Sports symbols or a castle on a hill? So many choices, so little time....................... Think of a mural as a make-over for your wall and for the entire room. Let color enhance and rejuvenate the area, warm it or cool it and connect it to your special treasures on display. Think about how you typically use the room. Is it used for quiet purposes like reading, or is it party central … or somewhere in between? A foggy seashore scene will feel cool and quiet while a tourquise bay in the Bahamas will add warmth and vitality. Have an over-active child, paint a simple meadow, blue sky and lazy clouds watching over him....................... Ideally, murals should be positioned ……........ 1. opposite from walls with windows…….. 2. at the end of a hallway, not in the hallway……. 3. on smooth, untextured or lightly textured walls……. 4. away from possible graffiti activity…….. But it’s not a perfect world and we will work around all that. If you have room to step back six feet or more from the picture, if the wall isn’t horribly textured, you’re good to go. It’s only paint, and the mural can always be repaired. You might want to put a “graffiti coat” on your outdoor mural if it’s open to the public. Remember to label extra samples of paint colors in sealed containers (baby food jars) for future touch-ups.


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