Savory Salmon Joyce Oroz

Savory Salmon Cakes—gluten free, or not

Wisk lightly two eggs in medium size bowl

Add: 3T parsley

2T chopped onion

Pinch of pepper

1t dry mustard

4T mayonnaise

2T cream cheese

1t hot sauce—or not

Bread crumbs from two pieces of bread—gluten free or not

One 6 ounce can of salmon

Mix well and shape into eight palm-sized patties

Heat 3T coconut or grape seed oil in no-stick fry pan on medium heat

Drop patties into oil, brown on both sides. About 5 minutes total.

Drain and shake a little sea salt on them. Yum!

I love these little cakes because I can freeze them and pull them out later for a quick, high protein snack or meal. They work well as toaster pop-ups!


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