Artist, Heather Joyce Oroz

Heather Cozette is a one-of-a-kind artist--bursting with creativity, unconventional ideas, not to mention the talent and energy to complete her projects flawlessly. She has a history of independent thinking and doing, success in several careers and much time and effort focused on helping others. She is a great friend and help to the Aromas Hills Artisans. Here she is, answering my questions.

Joyce:  Heather, I have seen some of your fabulous hand painted gourds, stitched items, paintings and sculptures. What set you off on a creative path, and when?

Heather:  I was born creative. By the age of four, I was designing and sewing clothes and furniture for my dolls.

Joyce:  Please tell us about some of your favorite projects and the materials you use.

Heather:  I love working with all media types. Lately I’ve been working with encaustic waxes, cheese cloth and balloons. Wax is a fun medium with interesting results.

Joyce:  Has there been anyone in your life who inspired you or encouraged you to make the unusual and beautiful artwork you put together?

Heather:  My husband is my greatest fan. I have never needed outside encouragement to create, but he has encouraged me to share my art instead of hiding it.

Joyce:  Where do you live and how has that influenced your work?

Heather:  I was born in and still live in Santa Cruz, CA. Being surrounded by ocean, forest and lush vistas has always inspired my creativity.

Joyce:  Heather, please tell us about your work habits. Do you have a studio or shop?

Heather:  My work habits are sporadic and spontaneous. Yes, I have a studio where I do graphic design and artwork. But I love to work in the main living area of our home with its great light and view of the Monterey Bay.

Joyce:  What do you like to do when you are not creating pieces of art?

Heather:  I love to garden, hike, bike, swim and get together with friends and family to enjoy food and fun.

Joyce:  Heather, how can people see your work?

They can see my work on my website and my Face Book page—Heather Cozette

Joyce:  Thank you, Heather for taking the time to talk to us today.


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