Dragonfly Gallery about to celebrate it's first year........by Joyce Oroz

What do Jerry Harness, Kay Walters, Susan Ramirez, Jovita Hilliker, Louise Coombes, Barb Scoles, Steve Snyder and Sandra Braga have in common with Linda Bjornson, David Coombes, Sally Diggory, Shirley Sedgwick, Christine West, Carol Hughes, David Smith, Joe Yedlicka and Darlene Boyd—they all have their handmade art for sale at the Dragonfly Gallery.

AHA members are not the only ones using the gallery—civilians are using it too. Ordinary citizens are creating extraordinary art and showing it at the Dragonfly Gallery…..the gallery that is about to celebrate it’s first birthday!

The Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00
I mind the store on Fridays--see you there!


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