Mural update Joyce oroz

The best library in Aromas—the only library in Aromas—we are so lucky to have a library in Aromas, has an almost completed mural on its outside walls. The finish line is in sight and the painters will make one last sprint tomorrow, Saturday, August 11. You are welcome to be there to cheer them on—or join the fun and paint something!!

I worked at the wetlands mural Wednesday. The usual hurricane-winds were wimpy little breezes and the warm sun felt good. We even got some painting done. Mercedes painted a fabulous Kingfisher on a post and Katianna created a wonderful sandpiper. Kathy expertly painted wherever paint was needed—like the energizer bunny, she just keeps working.

“Curiosity,” the rover on Mars, has us bursting our buttons with pride, even as our country’s amazing athletes are bringing home the gold, silver and bronze. We have so much to be proud of, like our teenage painters, Mercedes, Katianna and Sergio–so much to be thankful for.


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