Lovely in Joyce Oroz

When life speeds up, the turns feel too sharp, the climb looks to high or the washing machine just chugged it’s last chug—it’s time for a trip to Ben Lomond, home of a meandering summer stream, giant boulders, skeeters and salamanders.

A short distance from the river sits the town of Ben Lomond. A modest two-story building painted pepto-pink stands at the corner, a nostalgic sixty-year-old sign is nestled under the eves. The ancient sign has escaped the pink paint and reads, “Freda Carr Photography.”

Next door is an absinthe green miniature store front from long, long ago.

Moving down the sidewalk, Mountain Gallery is next with it’s face painted in swirly bright colors, representing a coming together of many unique and interesting creations under one roof.

Across the street is the Ben Lomond Market, a perfect place to relax and eat lunch from the deli before going home to face the wayward washing machine.


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