Saturday Paint-out Joyce Oroz

Don’t forget to come to the paint-out, Saturday, July 21st and add your own tree, flower, field of grass—whatever, to the library mural. Wear paint clothes and bring your favorite brush if you wish. The Dinosaur Painting Stomp begins at 1:00. See you there!

Extreme Muraling has AHA members in a whirl. The ladies gained more ground (literally) Saturday afternoon when Julia and Terry stopped by to help. Linda set the stage for a storybook dinosaur stomp in the clouds while Julia created trees and scrubs along the river and Terry brushed in grassy weeds like the ones that creep into my garden.

Two days later the “Ladies of the murals” met with three Watsonville High School students and Noelle Antolin, Director of Education Programs, Watsonville Wetlands Watch

Students, Kati, Mercedes, and Sergio laid in the basic blue and green paint defining sky, land and water. AHA painters are extremely happy to be working with the younger painters.

                                           The big puddle


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