A personal adventure.........by Joyce Oroz

I rarely share my personal adventures with you folks—scandals and such, but we only get one 50th reunion and one pre-50th-party which happened to fall on my birthday.

Jim and Carmen put on a first class soirée at the Hilton Hotel in Scotts Valley—full of hugs, giggles, yummy food and a gluten-free cake! Jim purchased over a dozen books from me (Secure the Ranch) and gave them to our classmates. I signed books and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities while my husband talked to other husband-non-classmates and wife-non-classmates.

When the party was over we hitched a ride home with Barb and Robert. It was ten when we arrived in Aromas (old folk’s bedtime).

Our house was dark as we forgot to leave a porch light on. Because we were not driving, we had left our keys at home. Sandy was safely locked inside the house. Unfortunately she has not learned how to unlock a door.

Robert pointed his headlights at the back of the house. We heard Barb and Robert laughing hysterically as Art boosted me in the window.

And you wonder where Josephine comes from?


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