AR tells it like it is..........Joyce Oroz

The blue bottle story continues. AR keeps us in the loop as the small town sagga unwinds. Here is AR in her own words.

Good morning,

I've always felt, for me any ways, that part of the fun of shopping at thrift stores is "the hunt."  Finding a great bargain is exciting for me. And finding some really odd piece always makes me wonder about the original owner, "why would anybody ever buy this and pay good money for it?'  It's no fun coming to the realization that people already think that about me. but that's a whole different issue. 

     So, on Thursday, I'm showing property to Fred's cousin, Stephanie, out on Cole Rd. The listing realtor said the house was abandoned and lots of broken windows and to get into the house I'd need to climb through a window. All right!  My kind of property!   I was smart enough to ask how wide the window was and how far off the ground. Stephanie decides she wants to drive, and I ask Fred to go with us ~ two women, abandoned property, it's his cousin, okay.  Stephanie wants to get the lay of the land, so we take her out Carr Ave.  Properties beautiful, just what she's looking for, house is in tear down condition but has good bones.  Come home, everything's good.

  Fred and I are going to Costco yesterday to pick up stuff for the BBQ at the Grange (to which I hope you're all coming!!) and on our way, we're going to stop and look at another property on Cole Rd.  Fred said "we're going to go by way of Carr Ave. again."  and he slows down at the bridge on Carr Ave. and asked, "do you see anything?"   You'd have thought I'd found a hundred dollar bill.  I found a blue bottle!!  Fred had seen it the day before and wanted to surprise me.  Whooo Hooo! 

   So I'm heading outside to start strategizing about building my bottle tree.  Thank you so much, Tina, for starting me on the blue bottle path.  Such fun!  Who knew? 

Thank you, AR for sharing!

                                           Tina's blue bottle tree



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