Murals Galore VIIII

News from the wetlands….A mural has been sited at the Pajaro Valley High School in Watsonville. Three adult and three teenage muralists have created hills and mountains on the far side of the unfinished slough. We can only speculate on the type of wildlife they will paint in, and near the water. There is a rumor…..that pelicans, owls, egrets, reeds and even humans may be included.

More mural news….the “ladies of the murals” are rapidly approaching the finish line at the Aromas Library. Much important work was accomplished last Saturday, including the addition of a book worm, a Wild Thing, a pig and a spider. You had to be there! Nancy finished painting the children, Heather finished the Wild Things, Kathy finished more flora and such, Terry helped with the flora while Julia added a book worm and lady bugs.



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