exerpt from Read My Lipstick by Joyce Oroz.......now available on Kindle

“I could help you … you know … to stop the slimy land grabbers,” Sarah said sweetly, not losing the smile for a second. “I know I’m supposed to leave Sunday, but I would be willing to stay with you a few days and organize things. What do you think?”
“What about your cats?”
“My sister takes care of them. A few more days won’t hurt.” The smile started to fade as I took my time answering.
“I think that might work.” I felt like such a coward. “Are you sure it won’t inconvenience you?” I asked, looking into my mug for help. I never liked having houseguests, but at least she wouldn’t be staying at David’s.
“I’m so excited!” Sarah jumped up from her chair, put both hands over her red cheeks like a dramatic teenager and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “I just remembered someone who can help us. He’s the cutest little man, but wild when it comes to a cause. He owns ABC Paints in ….”
“Watsonville, on Freedom Boulevard,” I said, propping my chin up with two palms.
“Oh, you know Steve?”
“Sure. I buy some of my paint supplies there, and you’re right, Steve’s a pistol. Sarah, I hate to break this up. It’s almost eleven and I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day.” She circled the table and put a hand on my shoulder.
“I should have realized how tired you are. We’ll talk about everything later, and in the meantime I’ll get busy organizing.” Sarah walked me to the door.
“So I guess I’m not taking you to the airport Sunday?”
“Of course not, I’ll be helping you from now on. Goodnight, Josephine.”
“Night, Sarah. Dinner was lovely.” I wondered how I could have been so easily trapped into having a houseguest. Maybe that was how she trapped David into marriage twenty-eight years ago.


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