Excerpt from Read My Lipstick...

“Oh my G…!” I screamed. Alberto laughed as he closed my window and made a tight left turn that lasted until we were headed east, back to Pajaro. I looked over my shoulder. The KPUT copter was following the paper trail. If one of the empty cardboard boxes hit the mayor on the head, KPUT would be there to show it to the world.
I was so much happier with the door closed. I took a deep breath and thanked God for getting me through a really tough moment. I even took an interest in the landscape again. Finally, we landed next door to El Milagro. Steve ducked down, not that he needed to, and ran to the copter. He opened my door and caught me as my legs wobbled like Jello.
“You look a little unsteady, Josephine,” he said, as if he could do better.
“Too bad you missed the sights, Steve. It was fantastic.”
“Thanks, Al. We owe you,” Steve yelled. Alberto waved and took off. I was happy to see him go, but I would never let Steve know that.
Sarah sat in the VW bus keeping warm. Steve offered me a lift and I accepted.
“How did you like the ride?” Sarah asked, as I crawled into the backseat.
“Nothing like it in the world. By the way, was I supposed to let the papers out over Civic Center?”
“Sure, I just hope no one saw you,” Steve said. Sarah laughed and I groaned...


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