Sculpture at Sierra Joyce Oroz

Sculpture IS 2013
Sculpture is what I’m talking about today because I went for a walk on the WILD side of Sierra Azul. Sierra Azul sounds so normal, restful, unaffected. Not really. True, it is a beautiful, serene place where native and drought resistant plants and trees are sold. Putting it mildly, it’s the pride and joy of Wasonville gardeners and plant-lovers.
Every year dozens of sculptors like Sally Diggory, Sylvia Rios and Marnie Bivetto participate in the Pajaro Valley Arts Council sculpture show by displaying their sculptures at the nursery.

As I tramped along the paths bordered by bushy grasses, luscious ground covers and interesting trees, I discovered amazing artwork—like the twelve-foot tall “Big Blue Fish” made out of steel, by Michael Seymour. It even has movable scales.

The “Screwball Ceramic” caught my eye and made me laugh out loud. Fun to look at and only $800.00, by John Barchi.

Here is a happy piece of steel. How do I know? Every sculpture is labeled. This one is 
"Joyous Steel" by Jeff Owen

Here stands "Beegirl" by Carol Gaab. She is wearing a bee outfit and headdress,  holding bees in her hands. $3,900.00
Behind "Beegirl" is a bronze/steel
"Shield and Skirt" by Paul Cheney.

Speaking of bees, here is a giant bee sculpture "Bee Sensitive" by 
Jennifer Henning. $1,050.00

Here is the happy ending to my little look at sculpture in the garden. Who is happier than "Mother of all Fallen Angels"
by Teresa Garcia......made out of clay, wire, plastic, plaster, jet fuel, chewing gum and Kleenex.

 “Sculpture IS 2013” runs from June 1st to October 31st. I have only shown you a tiny bit of the show. It is well worth seeing and will go away October 31st. Sierra Azul is located at 2660 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville, CA. The outdoor sculpture show is presented by Pajaro Valley Arts Council.


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