Another Mural for Aromas Joyce oroz

Thanks to Bill Lenneman, gentleman volunteer supreme, a second mural has been installed on the Blohm side of Aromas'1925 vintage Old Firehouse building. The reports are that it wasn’t easy. The heavy 4'x6' top board had to be lugged up and down sixteen feet on extension ladders several times and trimmed to create a perfect fit. Holes were drilled and bolts tightened as passer-bys gave the picture rave reviews.

Ok, it’s a horse reading a book, but in Aromas that’s fine because we are indoor, outdoor people who love horses and we love to read. Notice the kitten peeking out from under the rug as yellow finches fly into the room. 

The mural was created by Aromas Hills Artisans, Linda Bjornson, JoAnne Andrews, Kathy Stutz-Taylor, Louise Coombes, Alia Outrey, Diedra Kmetovic, Evelyn Pogrowski, Frank Romero, Sadie Beason, Jane Brown and Joyce Oroz.

Is Aromas copying the world or is the world copying Aromas? Aromas murals are unique and represent various aspects of the town. Other small towns around the world have also produced murals that reflect their values and life-style.  

The Chemainus Murals on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, have inspired communities throughout the world to explore their roots, to beautify their towns, and instill pride in their small town. Using the Chemainus model, some communities have used the mural concept to develop their own revitalization for stronger economic development.


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