Last Mural Joyce Oroz

More news from the bat cave. No, there are no bats, but the mural pieces are looking good. July 13th seven AHA artists gathered at the bat cave to putty and prime six 4'x6' boards destined to become two large murals. The painters met Saturday mornings religiously until at last, this week, the work was finished. 

One three-piece mural featuring two chickens was installed on the Old Firehouse building August 21st., just 3 days before Aromas Day.

The second mural which features a horse who likes to read, library books and a swarm of yellow finches, will be installed this Saturday. At that point the bats will rattle around the cave with very little to do, and sometimes that feels good. 

Thank you fellow painters, Linda, Kathy, Louise, Joann, Frank, Alia, Evelyn, Diedra and Sadie, for being so generous with your time and talent. 


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