Love that Fair!........Joyce Oroz

My favorite time of year is fair season, when the arts and crafts, flowers, food and entertainment call me to the Santa Cruz Fair Grounds in Watsonville. I attend every year, but this year I noticed big differences in the placement of things. Everything seemed bigger, cleaner and easier to find. Just when I thought I couldn’t love the fair more, I love it more.

                             Dragon made out of duct tape
Today was senior’s day, and all the buzzards made their way over to the Turkey Stampede. A remote-controlled truck the size of a bread box drove round and round the oval track with a dozen turkeys following it. Obviously the truck had grain in the back end, because the turkeys tried desperately to catch up to the truck for a bite to eat. Occasionally a bird would miss the turn and fly over the rails and then find his way back to the truck. Most of the time, it was turkey chaos with goofy birds tripping over each other in every direction.

                                 Where are the turkeys?
From there we hit most of the free entertainment, like the pig races and seal stunts. The rose garden was excellent this year thanks to Tomi Edmiston and the rest of the Rose Society. 
One could not ask for a better fair. Where else can you find a live redwood tree to take home and plant—for free! A couple more fairs and I will be living in a virtual redwood forest. What better place for old buzzards to live? 


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