Solow wears Joyce Oroz

Do Bassets daydream? Solow does. Even though he has a great sleuthing reputation in real life, he does daydream as he bench-presses a couple over-weight fluffy-cats. This is how he sees it:

Brazen basset bandit wearing doggles kidnaps a kid.

Being an only-pup, young Solow dreamed of having his own kid. Someone to romp over hill and dale with him, someone to play go-fetch and someone to roll in smelly rotting…..

One day he found the perfect kid, wagged his tail and followed her into a car. Solow put his head out the window to show off his doggles. The kid was not impressed and actually laughed at his doggles, so at the first stop sign he leaped out the window and trotted home. He decided that fluffy-cats were more fun than having a kid of his own.


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