Nan Madruga in Joyce Oroz

Gallery aficionados and regular folks, you may have noticed my blog is a little heavy on the gallery angle, recently. It just happens there are so many good shows right now and my good friends are taking part in the shows so I have to do a shout out to their wonderful work.

The fabulous photos and paintings I want to talk about today can be seen at the Gilroy Center for the Arts, in Gilroy, of course.
The address is 7341 Monterey Rd., Gilroy, CA.

The Landscapes and Portraits Show begins October 1st and ends October 28th, 2012, but the real excitement is the reception Saturday, October 6th, noon to 4pm,  which just happens to be Nan Madruga’s birthday. She will still look young at the reception, but don't let that fool you.
And speaking of Nan Madruga, her work is one third of the show. Go for the refreshments but walk away with Nan's beautiful photographs swimming in your memory. It will be so worth the trip.

Gallery hours---Tues. Wed. 2pm-5pm  and   Sat. Sun. 11am-2pm

info. go to      408-842-6999


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