A Fall Story........by Myles Laurin

Intentional Friends


The leaves are starting to fall off the trees.

On this tree there is one leaf left.

All of the other trees are evergreen trees.

So they tease the balding trees.

This tree wants to keep it's last leaf.

Then the wind starts to blow!

So the leaf hangs on to the tree so it wont blow away.

The leaf and tree become good friends, they tell jokes all winter long

like;.... 'make like a tree and leaf!'

but the jokes could not be too funny or the leaf would fall off.

At the end of winter the leaf started to get old and crackly.

On the first day of spring the leaf fell, it started to twirl in the air.

The wind took the leaf and carried it all the way around the world and then the leaf came back to the tree.

The tree was overjoyed to see the leaf again!

When the leaf saw the tree again, it became green and then the leaf grabbed the tree and never let go.

The end.


By Myles Laurin.


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