October's artist of the month............Joyce Oroz

Beginning this month the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas will be spotlighting one special artisan each month. We decided to start at the top of the list, the best-known artist and President of the Aromas Hills Artisans, Linda Bjornson.


Linda is a professional stained glass artist who began her work as an art major in college. She brings her training, love of designing and years of experience to creating custom windows for homes and businesses. Using the wonderful assortment of color and texture found in stained glass to their best advantage is still a challenge she enjoys. www.lbglassart.com

My love of color and design led me to stained glass. I was lucky enough to have art all through school and was an art major in college. I have worked in stained glass since 1979, so have gotten a lot of practice along the way. As I am drawing a new design, I am always thinking in terms of what glass would enhance the design the most.
I got my start in stained glass by taking a class. Stained glass requires
several skills and I would recommend starting by taking a class as a good way to avoid frustration or some frustration anyway.”
“After getting a feel for the constraints involved in working with glass, I started designing for glass. After working up some of my new patterns into glass and with my heart in my throat I took them to a local store, the Craft Gallery, in Capitola where I lived at the time.
And to my delight they bought them. That turned out to be my best account during the time I was selling to stores. As time went by and people saw my work, I started getting requests for custom work. They went along the lines of -
" I saw this window of yours I really like in a store, but I would like it bigger for our entry" ( bathroom, bed room, etc.) Then I started working with contractors like Paul Mahus, who I still work with today. From contractors to interior designers and the rest is history.”
Linda displays her work in the windows at the Dragonfly Gallery, works on large custom window designs for her clients and donates her spare time to the Aromas Library mural and the Wetlands mural at the Pajaro High School. I get exhausted just thinking about all the club work, volunteer work and glass work Linda does. And she does all of it very well!

I suggest you check out Linda’s whimsical stained glass creations at the Dragonfly Gallery. They never stay in the window long.


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