Life Without Joyce Oroz

Spammed but good and there's nothing good about it! I think my computer stuffed it's self with imitation pink meat, tried to kick back from the table and fell on the floor in a puddle of grease. I know, Greece has it's own problems.

Everyone tells me to simply change my password. Sounds easy--right?
Friends and family give up on me so I finally call the Att number for real live computer experts. A pleasant-sounding woman answers. She sounds smart, but not smart enough to unspam my computer. As the hours tick by, I can almost see her pulling clumps of hair out of her head as hot tears stream down her withered cheeks. And my mood is going further south by the minute.

Another day goes by without email. I begin to wonder if the world is still spinning. Will I have to connect with my friends by telephone? 
I conclude that life without emails is completely unsustainable and intollerably burdensome. What in the world did I do for entertainment a few years ago--before email? Maybe I'll look for a good book.


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