Did You See a Bunny?............by Joyce Oroz

You might be asking yourself, "Why is Solow wearing bunny ears in January?" As an alert reader, you know the manly canine is aware of his huge following and is a style concious trend-setter. You might think the ears are a clever diguise as Solow leads Josephine to the bad guys. Maybe the ears are a leftover from a wild bunny party the night before.
Actually, I have the scooper--I mean the scoop. Solow's real ears were cold like everyone else's because the temperature dipped into the range of exactly twenty degrees this morning. He ran outside at bassett-speed before the sun was fully up--before the ice on the deck melted, and slipped onto his posterior. Maybe he put bunny ears on to cover his dignity. Who knows, but they do look warm.
Anyone have an extra pair of bunny ears?


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