Kathryn's Gift.........by Joyce Oroz

                              Kathryn Aguras, business with a smile

She runs a tight ship in a warm and welcome way, our realtor and gallery lady of Aromas, Kathryn Aguras. She has worked in high finance and top of the heap city jobs, but looks happiest hear in Aromas working her real estate office, brokering and managing rentals and the Dragonfly Gallery. A zillion balls in the air and she makes it look easy.

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows how I feel about the Dragonfly.
Not many tiny towns are blessed with their own gallery and more murals per capita than the Vatican. And it's only going to get better. The surprises keep coming. With Kathryn in charge, things will only move forward.

Volunteers already work at the gallery Thursdays and Fridays. However, fresh blood is needed for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you feel you can donate your time once or twice a month, or three hours a week--whatever you can do will help to keep the doors open. You will meet interesting people and if it's a slow day you can enjoy some quiet reading time.
For those who work and cannot donate their time, how about a shopping trip? There is something for everyone. Need a quick birthday gift or card?
The gallery has a huge selection of original cards for every occasion.
The gift ideas are endless--jewelry, paintings, carvings, quilts, photos, antiques, tee-shirts, hand-knitted items, fused glass, stained glass, wooden boxes, toys, furniture, placematts, books and so much more.

Artist of the Month, Jerry Harness has many paintings on display this month. Be sure to drop by and take a look.

Thank you, Kathryn for your gift to the people of Aromas!


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