How's your resolution working? Joyce Oroz

When pigs fly and horses play hide-and-seek … I will organize my stuff, finish my book, give up chocolate and donate blood. Would pigs and horses make such a deal? Do I really want to organize, write, give up nature’s yummiest food and donate my blood?

                            Solow rethinking his resolution for 2013

1- It’s been cold this winter and I don’t do “stuff” when it’s cold.

2- I have a disease called phyco-writersblock-phobia (fear of writing).

3- I consider Chocolate to be a top-of-the-pyramid food group (the happy group).

4- Would my blood be good enough to donate after giving up chocolate?

What I’m looking for is an easier New Years resolution. One I can keep.
Typical resolutions for 2013 are:

Josephine gave up speeding.

Solow gave up Fluffy chases.

David gave up cooking.

Mom gave up the Leola-gossip-grapevine.

Dad gave up bowling.

Aunt Clara gave up junk food.

Kyle gave up tattoos.


No wonder I can’t finish my book!


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