22 Sardines.......by Joyce Oroz

How many people will fit in a phone booth? How many sardines will fit in a can? How many murals will fit in a two-block one-horse town? Good question and the people of Aromas, namely the Aromas Hills Artisans, are working hard to answer that question. In the last two years three murals have been installed—Marshall’s Service, Dragonfly Gallery and the church. But Libraries have feelings too. They want their own decoration, expression, and recognition. “Friends of the Library” and AHA members are madly putting together a plan to distinguish the local library, give it more character and help it grow and serve even more readers. Today I will show you a sketch of the prospective mural, a photo of the library without paint and another photo showing a preliminary coat of blue and green. In a couple weeks I will be able to show you the final “look.” So please stay tuned!


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