Bellydragger's Joyce oroz

I just got home from a posh potbelly pig party at our friend’s house in San Martin. Two and a half lovely acres full of people, music, food, wine, cute little pigs and a macaw in a pear tree. Actually the parrot was climbing on the monkey bars but that’s another story. Artist, Russell House, painted pictures of pigs while we pigged out at the picnic table. When my heaping plate of food was gone, I decided to inspect the pig’s side of the property. I found lush green laws the size of Alabama, large shade trees, nice private rooms, great food. Sounds better than a few vacations I have experienced. The pigs followed me like puppies wagging their tails back and forth and in circles when I talked to them. I returned to the people party as the band played the old favorite, “Pig o’My Heart.” Sing along and then go to this website…..

Pig o’ my heart I love you,

We’ll never part, for I love you.

Sweet little swine,

I know you’ll be mine,

Sweeter than an apple pie,

Just you and I will share our sty.

Pig o’ my heart your glances,

My swinish heart entrances,

Come be my own, come make your home in my heart.

Song by Ray Morris


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