A bridge like no other.......by AR and Joyce oroz

 Speaking of little towns and quiet streets ... you may be scratching your head and asking,"What is it like to live in Aromas?" I don't know why you would ask that question, but here is the answer ... straight from my good friend and "book club buddy," in her own words.

Good morning!  Wanted to share with you that Carr Avenue is a little cleaner, with some trashed picked up, thanks to Fred!!   I told Fred where Tina said she got all those blue bottles for her beautiful bottle tree.  Fred saw the bottle tree too, so he knows what I'm talking about.  So, Friday he drops something off to Joyce at the Dragonfly Gallery and like the good husband that he is, drives over to Carr Ave., parks his truck and looks around the bridge.  We had a good laugh over these small blue bottles because Fred said he's seen them at Marshall's, filled with some kind of booze.  We conjured up our own story about some guy in the neighborhood telling his wife he's taking out the trash (voluntarily!!) and has a stash of these little blue bottles hidden in the garage, where he grabs one while taking out the trash and then walks to the bridge for a honk.  Back to the bridge on Friday, where Fred is wandering around trying to find the empty blue bottles.  Out comes a neighbor woman and she wants to know what Fred is doing.  Not usually known for being quick on his feet, he did remarkably well, and told her he thought some debris had flown out of the back of his truck and he didn't want to litter.  He was just trying to be a responsible guy!  So he picked up a few pieces of trash, put them on the floor of his cab and came home ... with no blue bottles.    I am so proud of him.  I wish he would have found some blue bottles but .... he tried.

Make it a good day!

Now you know why book club is so much fun!!


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