Katherine Stutz-Taylor in her own words..........

Katherine Stutz-Taylor is known for her jubilant personality, her warm hugs and her excellent prints made from original wood cuts. Kathy is an active and valuable member of the Aromas Hills Artisans. Here is Kathy's story in her own words..........
........when I was in second grade I decided I was going to be an artist. I loved to draw, trying to capture what I saw before me. My family traveled a lot, exposing me to wonderful landscapes throughout the United States and Canada. My fascination of plants and landscapes began at an early age with architecture coming in a close second after I saw the castles and ancient buildings in Europe in my twenties.
I was twelve when I became fascinated with the printed curtains that my parents had made when they first were married, botanical plants my mother had drawn and my father had carved and printed. With my father’s tools and advice I began making relief prints. Through school I explored many forms of printing making with a side step into sculpture before settling on etching and relief prints.
I received my BA from UC Santa Barbara in Printmaking in 1980 and my MFA from San Jose State in Sculpture in 1988. I started teaching art in 1981 through the local parks and recreation department. Always finding a way to share my love of art I’ve worked for SPECTRA, the San Joaquin County Arts Council as Artist in Residence, and as an Art teacher in Tracy. Currently I teach Art as a release teacher in the Pajaro School District.
I turned to copper plate and non-toxic printing in 1998. My etchings and woodcuts are E.V. (edition varies), that include hand coloring and possibly Chine Colle. I have been currently focusing on relief prints. All my work is original from drawings or photographs I have taken of the world around me. Images of my own travels and interests in nature are reflected in my art work. I try to capture the serenity and beauty of the moment.
I have participated in juried, solo and group shows since 1985; including Santa Cruz Open Studios, KPFA Crafts and Music Fair, The Triton Museum, and San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.
In 2003 I decided to share my work with the public and participated in the Santa Cruz Open Studios, (2003, 2005-2011). From the beginning of making prints one of my reasons was I could share and keep one for myself. I am currently a member of the Valley Art Gallery co-op, Salinas where my work is for sale. The Wild Rose art store in Watsonville carries my prints and my work can be viewed on my website www.stutz-taylor.com. My passion for art and sharing what I see and create continues to thrive.
I may be reached at 831-917-2329 or my email
Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your life's journey through the world of art.


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