Inside the Characters of Read My Joyce Oroz

What makes a person a trend-setter? Extra good taste? A strong personality? Access to impressive or unusual clothing? If Josephine wants to know the answer to that question, she should look no further than her own mother. Here is an excerpt from READ MY LIPSTICK.......

........Looking down West Alisal, I saw multitudes of people already
congregating in front of the Civic Center. As I plodded down the street
leaning into the wind, two Greyhound buses stopped in the middle of the
congested traffic and let a hundred or so senior citizens disembark. As soon as
the old folks hit the sidewalk they unrolled bright green banners and began
chanting as they marched over to the plaza. The women wore clear plastic rain hoods, the men
donned baseball caps and everyone wore raincoats and galoshes. Someone familiar
caught my eye.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” I shouted through the down-pour.

“Hello, dear. I brought some concerned friends with me.” She smiled and
waved her hand to show that these were her people. Mom wore a green visor over
her clear plastic hood and her overalls were lime green, the same shade as her
rain boots.
She had always been a trend setter.


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