2011 Inventions.......By Joyce Oroz

Like many of you out there
I have been scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping and sanitizing
everything in my house for most of my life—that is, when I have time and feel
like it. It’s a huge responsibility keeping the home clean and beautiful. If it
weren’t for modern soaps, sprays, brushes, chisels, torches, nitroglycerin and
imported chocolates, I would have given up long ago. Of course I am always
looking for easier ways to accomplish my chores. Today you are in luck because I
have decided to share some new cleaning technology with you.

A pair of plaid slippers to warm your feet and
dust your wood floors as you shuffle around the house looking for
Little green peds with a brush and dust pan.
The unbending answer for those rascally crumbs on the kitchen floor.
The big baby duster for a shiny floor and great
The baby hanger, a good way to hang up the
baby when he is tired of dusting.


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