Interview with Kay Joyce Oroz

Today I am talking to a lovely lady, an Aromas Hills Artisan with great artistic talent and an excellent sense of design and color.

Hello, Kay Walters. Please tell us about yourself and how you became an artisan.

I live in north Monterey County with my miniature horses, inherited dogs, and rescued cats.
I have always been interested in glass. Many years ago I was a glazier (replacing glass panels in aluminum frame windows, for new housing projects).
I was drawn to the myriad of colors of glass about ten years ago, bought my first kiln and was immediately captivated.
I started with a small kiln for jewelry and tiny bowls. Of course, that wasn't big enough so I purchased a larger kiln, and then another even larger kiln.

Now I create jewelry, table art, and wall art. I make beaded necklaces with some of my pendants. I am starting to combine other materials with my art. I will be making small table tops.

Kay, can you describe this glass obsession that has captured your heart?

It is the myriad of colors: reds, yellows, greens, cobalt blue, mauve, violet, that light up
my spirit.
It is the joyous process of combining translucents, opaques, dichroics, iridescents, frits,
and stringers, for my inspirations.
It is the magic of the glowing, flowing, fusing process. The kiln melting the glass into a
white-hot taffy-like material, the molecules connecting.
Then! After each individual artwork ever so slowly cools, it presents itself to me;
inspiration for new visions that beg to be brought into the world.
Glass Madness guides my spirit and passion of creating!
Creating glass art has brought out my lighthearted and whimsical side. I am drawn to
the clarity and color of glass and the melting and fusing process.
Each design is individually created for the discerning collector.
Once I am in my creative mind, everything in nature is inspiring, and gives me endless ideas.

Kay, where can people find your beautiful work?

My website is: e-mail:
phone: (831) 633-3348
I will be participating in the Carmel Craft Fair at the Valley Hills Center in Carmel Valley on Sept. 17.

Thank you, Kay. We look forward to seeing future projects.


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