Darlene Boyd....Aromas Hills Artisan Exstaordinair

Darlene Boyd, Aromas Hills Artisan and teacher

“I am a sculptor, who also enjoys painting and drawing. I am not
tied to any particular medium, and I thrive in experimenting and
blending many materials. I am interested in forms, surfaces, visual
metaphors and the emotional responses that my art work evokes.
I particularly enjoy teaching art and using these processes both
as forms as self-expression and as a means to heal oneself. ” --
Darlene S. Boyd

Born in Lodi, California, Darlene S. Boyd, a fourth generation
Californian, grew up in the local wine vineyards. She was
nurtured, at an early age, by Constance M. Darden, who gave
studio art lessons for local children in Lodi. These experiences
set many of Ms. Boyd’s expressive anchors and eventually led
her to study art in college. She is a 1973 Honors graduate of
Brooks Institute, School of Fine Arts / Santa Barbara Art
Institute. She majored in sculpture, along with a strong emphasis
in both drawing and painting. She was privileged to have studied
under the notable and esteemed professional artists: Alice Carr
de Creeft (sculpture), Duane Loppnow (sculpture), Ray S.
Strong (landscape painting), Richard Barrett (figure drawing),
Priscilla Bendershore (drawing and painting), Douglas Paschal
(portrait drawing).

She moved to Fresno with her husband, and family in 1981. She
continued to enjoy teaching art at Bullard TALENT and
Camp Shalom as a Director of Fine Arts, among other venues.
She expanded her exploratory studies of fiber media under the
mentorship of Kathy Wosika, a locally celebrated, Fresno artist.

Ms. Boyd is now the Chief Creative Officer of The ART
Experience, LLC studio, nestled in the pastoral mission town of
San Juan Bautista, California. She is currently working on
figure sculptures in clay for bronze casting. She also creates
landscape, floral, still life, portrait and architectural paintings.
She finds time to occasionally work on projects in other
contemporary media and genres. Her work is currently on exhibit
in several California Central Coast venues, including Stone
Griffin Gallery at 416 E. Campbell Avenue, Campbell,
California 95008. Various on-line galleries showcase her work,
such as sbawca.org. Her work is enjoyed by many private
collectors, local and international. To learn more about Ms.
Boyd and her art please visit her on-line gallery at www.
or you are welcome to make an appointment to
visit her studio in San Juan Bautista, by calling 831-623-2750.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." ~
Edgar Degas
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