Darlene Boyd.....Part Two

Today I would like to present another side of Darlene Boyd, AHA artist and sculptor. Teaching art is a big part of Darlene's life, and the lessons are a wonderfully valuable experience for her students. She will tell you about herself and the lessons she has been giving since 1977 to people from age 3 to 83. Here is Darlene.

I began studying art faithfully at the age of 11 and found it to be a very satisfying experience. I am very versatile in my approach, being equally interested in both two and three dimensional expressions. I currently display much of my own work at darleneboyd.com.
I also enjoy teaching art lessons to participants of varying ages and have a California Multiple Subject teaching credential with a Visual Arts Supplement.
Some samples of art lessons that I teach are:

Intro to Drawing........ Students will explore some basic drawing techniques and exercises and exploration of different drawing materials.

Illustrations....... Students will explore further techniques and materials related to drawing and apply it to illustrating.

Painting with Pastels....... Students will learn to draw, compose and create a composition using charcoal and pastels.

Calligraphy .......Students will learn a basic joined-italic Chancery Cursive script which can also be used for personal handwriting.

Acrylic Painting .......Students will learn to do color theory using the primary colors and apply this to a simple composition.

Bold and Free Students will learn and incorporate varied watercolor techniques into some of their drawings, to create visual textures.

Calligraphy .......Students will learn a basic joined-italic Chancery Cursive script which can also be used for personal handwriting.

Georgia O'Keefe: Closing in on Nature Students will explore the idea of scale and enlarging forms to fill the entire format. This will be done using watercolors and/or acrylic paints.

Henri Matisse:
The Art of Cut-Outs Students will explore using cut-out forms and creating balanced compositions by dividing space aesthetically.

M.C. Escher:
Visions of Symmetry Students will learn to create repeated patterns using tessellated systems and forms, using colored pencils and/or color cut outs.

Darlene, what is an 'Artists'-Writers' Workshop?

Artists'-Writers' Workshop curriculum is a progression of art, literature and writing experiences designed to teach the key elements of writing to students with diverse learning styles. Within it, key literary elements are taught in a way that is both inviting and engaging to students with a variety of learning styles. Through hands-on explorations in art and writing and the sharing of quality picture books, students with diverse learning styles are able to comprehend, absorb, digest and apply important literary concepts.

Darlene, where can people sign up for your lessons?

Currently I teach art lessons at client's homes, Country Rose Gallery and Frame in Hollister and Michaels in Gilroy and Salinas. For information concerning my lessons please peruse my website at darleneboyd.com.
I am also active in several arts organizations, such as the South Bay Area Womens Caucus for Art, Aromas Hills Artisans, the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association, and the San Benito County Arts Council.

Ms. Boyd is now the Chief Creative Officer of The ART Experience, LLC studio, nestled in the pastoral mission town of San Juan Bautista, California. She is currently working on figure sculptures in clay for bronze casting. She also creates landscape, floral, still life, portrait and architectural paintings. She finds time to occasionally work on projects in other contemporary media and genres. Her work is currently on exhibit in several California Central Coast venues, including Stone Griffin Gallery at 416 E. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, California 95008. Various on-line galleries showcase her work, such as sbawca.org. Her work is enjoyed by many private collectors, local and international. To learn more about Ms. Boyd and her art please visit her on-line gallery at www.darleneboyd.com, or you are welcome to make an appointment to visit her studio in San Juan Bautista, by calling 831-623-2750.

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." ~ Edgar Degas

Thank you, Darlene, it's a wonderful thing you're doing.


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