Who's Securing the Ranch?

Spring has sprung, birds are singing, deer are feeding on my roses and bugs are eating everything the gophers didn't get. Feeling out numbered, I recruited a professional. I know the pro is in good shape because he slept all winter. 
Solow showed up for work looking strong and relaxed. He immediately secured the perimeter of my property by peeing on every post, bush and tree. No right-minded deer will enter his marked area. 
He proceeds to a back yard snail invasion, collects them in a bucket and drags the bucket next door to a gaggle of ducks. They always appreciate a free meal. 
Solow is working harder than any basset I know. Already he is digging dozens of holes across my property, figuring to come across a gopher sooner or later. He has a plan to relocate the little beasts if he should actually catch one. 
Rather than step in a hole and break my ankle, I’ll just enjoy the out doors from inside. Isn't that what windows are for?


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