What goes with cupcakes?.......by Joyce oroz

A party is coming soon at a gallery near you, (if you live in or near Aromas.) The celebration happens March 16 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Dragonfly Gallery. What are we celebrating? Cupcakes! And St. Patrick's Day, and best of all--the accomplishments of Christine West. She is the AHA artist who designs and fabricates beautiful paper scenes in shadow boxes and lovely gift cards.
It won't be a party without you, so plan to drop by for giggles and cupcakes!
PS Don't tell anyone, but Grace is running a St. Patricks Day special. Any set of earrings with green in them are on sale for $5.00 a pair!
The gallery is bursting with new items--and cupcakes! See you there.


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