Chainsaw Joyce Oroz


When Josephine takes a walk, where does she go? What is her neighborhood like? Today I’m going to tell you about the cheerful side of her block, the sunny side of her life as a painter and part-time sleuth. After solving a dangerous and dastardly mystery, Josephine normally unwinds by taking Solow for a walk—or is he taking her? Anyway, the road takes them to the top of a hill and down the other side. Jo and Solow generally speed up on the down-hill, (as much as a short-legged bassett can) but coming home, the up-hill seems steeper than they remember. They plod along until they reach the top where a nice reward is waiting. Daffodils line a neighbor’s fence and a blooming plum tree is enveloped in pink blossoms. She drinks in the beautiful scene as Solow sniffs everything in sight.
AHA, a six-foot strawberry tree is missing. Only a stub and a leaf remain. She checks for chainsaw marks. Yes, it was a chainsaw, but whose saw? Who is trying to wipe out California’s strawberry trees? And then she sees the burn pile at the side of the neighbor’s house. There rests one more tree on the ash heap, one more tree to be cremated against its will. Now Josephine will have to solve the mystery and bring the chain-saw operator to justice. Stay tuned for more news from Aromas.


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