Party On! Joyce Oroz

We all know that Solow is an exceptionally bright basset with a nose for sniffing out trouble. What you might not know is how he handles Josephine's social calendar. He is the planner and organizer of much of the entertaining at the Stuart household, including costumes. Josephine invites her friends to dinner. Solow demonstrates wild greetings, great costumes (such as bunny ears), fine bass melodies and a demonstration on humility after a futile cat chase.

Occasionally Solow invites his lady-friend over for a relaxing porch party. Half-way through the festivities she typically decides to take time out for a nap. Solow understands that it is spring and his lady-friend is simply working on her tan before bikini season arrives.

Being a party-animal, Solow loves a "mixed" crowd. Josephine tries not to look surprised at Solow's guest list. She encourages David to bring Fluffy to her next party while Solow secretly smiles and plots another Fluffy-chase.
Later in the season, Sandy is showing signs of exhaustion and Coral is dead on her feet from dancing in circles. But Solow parties on!


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