Round-abouts and Gila Joyce Oroz

I recently traveled by automobile to another state. Ten hours of normal driving and three hours lost in round-abouts. It seems this other state, which I will not state, wants to look like Europe. They would be better served if they eliminated all the cacti and Gila Monsters instead of installing round-abouts.
I don't think round-abouts belong on this continent, except in the case of giant statuary of famous people like Washington, Lincoln or Elvis.
Europeans are used to nonsensical structures encircling their statues, as long as they are esthetically copesetic with the landscape.
Americans don't have time for circling a round-about senselessly, trying to figure out which exit to take. After several tries, failed lane changes and wrong exits, the dizzy driver must stop at an out-door cafe for a small cup of strong coffee or tea with milk and crumpets.
Are we turning into Europeons?
Despite the round-abouts, it was a lovely state to visit and not one Gila Monster misbehaved.


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