Artist of the Month, Christine Joyce oroz


Creative and talented, Christine West is the perfect choice for “Artist of the Month” for March at the Dragonfly Gallery. She has a large number of unique cards and shadow boxes on display at the gallery. Christine is an active member of the Aromas Hills Artisans. She has been making exceptionally beautiful and clever greeting cards for over three years. Her style of paper work, 3D montage, is not very common in the USA but is all over Europe and England. Christine knows because she is from England and visits often. Everytime she goes home, she comes back to the USA with new supplies—glue, graphics, pens, etc. and plenty of new ideas. She loves to use her computer which has a graphics program. Christine also loves going to craft shows, but she says the most fun of all is designing and constructing the beautiful cards and shadow boxes. She has had great success selling her line of Deco Ladies Shadow Boxes in particular. She admits she has always been “crafty” (sewing, crocheting and making jewelry, glass and leather items).

Christine always liked paper fabrication best and enjoys making custom cards for special occasions … or just because. She says her sister-in-law in the UK makes the most beautiful cards and got her started on a grand passion.

Here is Christine West in her own words.
“A few customers come to my house for a "private showing", always fun. It is really a treat to receive a card made especially for you with your name and topic or style on it. I have a couple of friends who order custom cards every month for all the birthdays etc. coming up. I do spend a lot of time and energy on my "paper work" but I don't want a job !!! I am a "gym rat" taking 7 classes each week - yoga, pilates, step and zumba, also love to read, cook, entertain and garden.
I live in "Paradise", on 13 acres at the end of Elkhorn Slough with my husband George and my two beautiful Irish Terriers (named Harry and Margaret after my Mum and Dad).
We have lots of space for all of us to spread out and play and lovely views all round, it is very calm and peaceful.
My sister and a life-long college friend are both coming to visit this year, as they both did last year. It's a good place to be and so much warmer than England!!
I retired 4 years ago (GM with a Corporate Food Service Co) and LOVE my life.
I have made new friends, new interests, found skills I didn't know I had, and become a calmer happier person (ask George !!) I don't think work is good for you......
Good news--Christine will be demonstrating her paper fabrication process at the Dragonfly Gallery, so of course there will be a party to celebrate the creation of beautiful greeting cards. Since it all happens the day before Saint Patricks Day we will share our music and cupcakes with you!
See you at the gallery Saturday, March 16th from 1:00 to 4:00.






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